Quickshot 3? Thoughts and opinions for the YZ 450



NEW for 2009: Boyesen QuickShot 3 Adjustable Pump Cover

Stock accelerator pump covers permit only a 60% - 70% fuel charge in the pump chamber. Turn the throttle and air trapped in the chamber is compressed disrupting fuel delivery. All the while tuning the squirt means a complicated change of the leak jet.

The Result: Hesitation, bog and a tuning headache.

The Patented Boyesen QuickShot 3's triple effect: 1. Completely fills the pump chamber with fuel 2. Eliminates troublesome air and 3. Provides an adjustable leak jet circuit for simple hand tuning.

The Result: The ultimate in adjustable fuel injection.

> Tunable leak jet maximizes volume of fuel and duration of squirt for all conditions

> Investment cast and finished to precise tolerances

> 25% more fuel capacity

> High volume vertical check valve located in the QS3 for precise, consistent fuel metering

> Stops hesitation and bog

> Instant throttle response

> Improved low end performance

> Fits ALL Keihin FCR carbs

> Simple bolt-on

Yet another adjustable leat jet. Nothing really new here.

but does this improve the problems and complaints about this product?

it's a really simple bolt on mod. of course it will be extinct in 2 years when EFI takes over but do these changes address the concerns that many on this site had with the Quickshot 1 and 2?

The QS 1 & 2 did next to nothing. This new one has the adjustable LJ. That is something that is worthwhile. Just took them a year plus to copy what other companies already manufacture. But even then, it is not a simple bolt on cure. To fix the bog take some time and effort. You have to firm up the AP linkage (like with a AP spring from Merge Racing or the oring mod), you have to check and set the AP squirt timing. Then you can mess the the leak jet. The advantage of an ALJ is you do not have to pull the pull to change it. But it is pricey for that luxury. However, the effort to pull a carb on an alloy framed bike is such that the cost of the ALJ is justifiable. But then again, a LJ costs just $5.00 or so. And in 99% of the cases, a #55 is what most people are happy with and never feel they have a need to change it again.

...and do not get me started on what an absolute rip-off PowerWings and their ilk are.

I'm with Wm1. The only thing accomplished by aftermarket pump covers is that some of them do improve on the action of the AP check valves. In the stock FCR, these can occasionally fail to seat correctly, and you get a one time bog because of it.

But IMO, there is nothing whatsoever other than that to indicate that any problem exists with the stock pump cover that can't be corrected without dumping $100-200 on some kind of widget.

The adjustable leak jet may be a time saver as you go through the process of dialing in the accelerator pump, but once it's adjusted, what is the real reason you would ever need to adjust it ever again?

I would only use one if it was free, and even then, I might not bother.



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