Wobble in the rear wheel?

Help! Iv'e got a bad wobble in my rear wheel. The rim isn't bent and the spokes are stright. I backed off the tension on all the spokes but when I tighten them even a little the wobble comes right back. I know there is a proper way to tighten them. Do you lossen oposite the wobble or tighten?

Try this----> Spoke Tightening Tips

If that doesn't work for you I would suggest taking the wheel to a shop and having it trued. Make sure to check your spokes after every ride.

You can put tire on bike(take chain off) and spin it and true it up that way.Loosen other side of rim(8 spokes)and then go to the wobble side and tighen them up(8 spokes). Spin the wheel on the bike and see what you have now. Where the wobble is make sure that is the side you tighten, but you need to make sure you always loosen the other side first. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to do, but you will get it.

Hope it helped!! :)

I had same problem and had to end up taking it to the dealer, who had a trueing stand. I could never get the spokes adjusted properly.


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