fork oil

my fork is too soft and i was told to put some heavier oil in them, but i dont know what to use. i dont know what weight the stock oil is and was hoping someone would know what it is or what to replace it with.

p.s. i am 175lb.

Stock is a 10wt. 15wt. or 20wt. would work depending how stiff you want the front end.

is 10w to20w a big difference? i want to be able to jump and have the forks not bottom out, but not be to rough of a ride. does anyone else have changed oil? what did you use?

20wt is alot stiffer but being 175lbs and jumping it shouldn't be very bad. Have you installed the stiffer fork springs?

What's involved in changing the fork oil. I'm interested in this and would like to give it a go.

no i havn't chaned the springs, i thought i would go cheaper with the oil. i do a lot of trail riding, so what about 15w, or is that too soft? (most of the jumps are natural)

get stiffer springs and use 20w fork oil :)

I have a fiance who is 5'1 and about 115 pounds. She's already scaring the crap out of me on the jumps and then complaining about the forks bottoming out. I've been contemplating getting stiffer springs, but am probably going to attempt to change to a 15w or 20w fork oil first before the spring investment.

Can anyone relate to how the heavier fork oil might perform for her? I've got to do something quick before she bottoms them out and cranks the handlebars to the side, resulting in the same kind of pain I felt three days ago. She's never had that "whoa, slow it down" wreck I had twenty years ago and I'm trying to prolong it, although I know it's inevitable.

Thanks for the input...

check out this!

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