Trans Oil Question

after warming up the bike..then letting it sit for 3 minutes..when i remove the check oil bolt, if oil comes out, should i let it drain until no more comes out??? is it best to fill the trans a little bit low..then add oil until it just starts to drip out the check hole?.. i am just trying to figure out the correct amount..and just fill it each time with that amount, and not use the check bolt...


I would get a ratio right from auto zone or a similair store. Just put in what the manual says, i think it's .59 liters, and your good. I never did like going by those check bolts, they can sometimes give false reading if its on a slant.

if you use honda hp trans then save a bootle and just put marks on it one for enging and trans then you have the right amount every time and you have the little cone spout for easy pouring.

Just drain oil, fill up to you premeasured marks dump it in and dont think twice about it easy as that :)

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