test, I may need help

I got rained out this morning and have been searching on how to post pictures.

Steph's new PW80

I haven't had much luck figuring this out.

Any insight would be appreciated.

I'd really like to be able to post where the picture pops up right there on the main thread page, rather than linking over to a little scroll of pictures.

I've tried searching for how to post pic's without much luck.



I think I figured it out thanks to the search function and an old post by DRZdownunder.

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I was just getting ready to send you the proper command line....


Bonzai :)


Yamakazi or Huskyrider,

Please send it. I am getting a digital camera in the near future and would like to learn how to post pictures. Thanks in advance. Laymans terms please I'm not a computer guru :) .


Step 1)

Locate image on website you want to post. Right click on this image and select "Properties" from the resultant dialog/pop-up box. Highlight the URL text (i.e. http://blah.blah/blah.jpg) with your mouse/cursor and right click again. Select "Copy" from the resultant pop-up box. You have successfuly copied the image's URL.

Step 2)

On the "Post A Reply" page, press the "Image" button that appears below the text box where you enter your post. When the dialog box appears, simply paste in the URL that you copied in Step 1. You can use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl-V) or right click and select "Paste."

Hope this helps, cuz it ain't that hard.

Thanks Hick,

I just printed your instructions, should have a camera within a few weeks. Sounds straight forward, however, I'm like that guy on the commercial that says "I'm off to crash the server, wish me luck!" lol :)

Thanks again,


don't think a lot of the free server places allow remote linking to your pics.

Is that why I can't see the picture I posted yesterday.

Where my picture was it says;

photoalbumweb.com, you see this warning, because your browser doesn't accept cookies, please check your browser settings.

Can you see the pic?

I thought I figured this posting thing out.

Sorry gang I'm computer braindead!

Hey 'kaze, can you send that anyway? :)

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