even more rejetting questions?????

When an "S" gets the standard 3x3 mod and jets or a dynojet kit, what happens to the fuel consumption. Does the gas milage go down? It wouldn't get better would it.

I have only had my bike a short time, and it has only now gotten nice enough to ride. I went out today with a full tank, and was very surprised to have to switch to res. after only 72 miles. Is that normal? If I rejet I would sure hate for that to go down any considerable amount. It seems really silly to be riding with your buddies and have to stop for gas after only a hour and a half of riding.



Well I can answer part of that. More power means more fuel. So it will cost you some fuel, not sure how much. A cheap less stop alternative is a Acerbis 4Gal tank. 169.00 Shipped from Acerbis.

Wasn't it decided in this group that the acerbis tank will not fit the "S"? I have ordered a clarke tank (not here yet), I think the acerbis looks better, but I thought it wouldnt fit.

I thought it fit the S but not the E, either way I think someone got it to fit

whichever one it didnt...? Baja designs site doesnt say either way...

have to switch to res. after only 72 miles.

That is around my average now (70-75miles), soonest I ever had to switch was 60 miles,

that was all high speed freeway though.

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