Any Bad z-Start stories?

Rode a CRF with a 9oz and a z-Start..... Man... I thought I could ride trials with a CRF! Anyone out there with horror stories? The 9 oz seemed more than enough FW with the auto clutch. What's the opinion on quality, reliability. Any opinions EMF vs z-Start? I think this thing will make me much faster in the HS's I ride. Too old for the SX stuff. I think I'm gonna do it, and had planned on getting a 11 oz TrailTech FW, but the 9 oz worked terrific and you kept the response! DINGA!! (just got done reading some stuff from that aussie) :)

This is more of a question concerning automatic clutches, without some manual clutch override, what would happen if your throttle stuck wide open, you can only hope that the kill button works or you have to bail.

I have been toy'ing with the idea of the Z-Start for about a month now and have read only positive comments about the quality, service and how much better this makes the bike, thoughts please.

As long as you have that return cable going to your carb, you cant really get your throttle stuck open, and you could just mash down on the shifter till your in first, and lock up the rear wheel, and it will shut down in a blink. If you keep you bike properly maintained, you shouldnt have to worry about that happening :) anyways.

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