Clicking from the CDI, but won't turn over, help!!

I've got a DRZ400E that is 23 months old with ONLY 750 miles on it. All I'm getting is a click from the CDI when I hit the start button, it won't engage the starter. The battery has a full charge and is fine. Can anybody give me an idea where to start? Thanks.

First of all, that clicking is coming from a relay under the seat. since you do get that clicking and the Batt. is good, I'd start by looking for a bad or lose connection in the wiring between the starter and battery.

If no loose connections, jump the two post on the starter solinoid with the ignition switch in the on postition. If it cranks then the solinoid is bad. If not then it's a low charged battery, which could be a bad battery, bad regulator rectifier, or worse yet the bike isn't getting rode enuf to keep the battery charged. I've got a 2000 E model with way over 2500 dirt miles and still have the factory installed battery. If you determine that the battery is dead but it will take a charge, be ready to replace it soon. If you do replace it be sure to replace it with a Yuasa or equivalent battery, not a Wal-mart one.

I don't think the CDI box will click. It is all solid state. More likely the starter solenoid. Is the motor froze up? Check for bad connections. What evidence do you have that the battery is good and fully charged? What is the open circuit voltage? What is voltage with key on (light on)? What is voltage with the starter button pushed? Look for something like 12.5, 12, and 10.5. If much less than those, the battery is a problem. If you are not seeing much drop at all when the button is pushed, then look for bad connections, bad solenoid (check voltage drop across it) or bad starter. Just do some basic trouble shooting with a volt meter and you will find the problem.

Good luck, Ralph

Don't get to shook up try replacing a fuse. Mine has konked out like that before and that was all it was. Your bike comes with an extra at least mine did. prairiedawg :)

The click IS from the starter relay. More than likly your battery is to low to crank the starter. Try a set of jumper cables to your car battery (No need to start your car cuz the cranking amps on your car battery will be plenty). If it still just clicks then you need to check connections. If the battery, starter relay, or starter Hot wire connections are coroded/rusted/loose then it won't turn over. If all that is good then get the bike out in the yard or something up hill, Put the bike in 3rd and get it rolling with the clutch in. Let the clutch out and jump down on the seat to get rear tire traction and give it some gas, as soon as you hear it start then pull in the clutch and keep on the gas. If your bike isn't locked up for some reason then this will work for alternate starting. Run the bike awhile to charge up the battery. THe DRZ battery is bad about not charging at all after it has drained completly so don't run it to far down.

For winter storage always disconnect the Hot wire on the battery and if you can't keep the bike in a semi warm place then remove the battery and place it in the basement or someplace semi warm and dry.

is the motor full of gas?hydorlocked with fuel?try taking the plug out and cranking.get out of the way of the spark plug hole.if there is gas in there its gonna shoot out.put a rag over the top of the motor.

if you use a car to jump start,make sure it isnt running!

the ground the bolts to the motor has been known to come chekc that first.

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