Mods for the XR100?

Just purchased two XR100 for my twin 11 year old boys. Any worthwhile performance mods for these rides? Thanks in advance for the info!



Well I guess it all depends how thick your wallet is or how hot you want to make your VISA card.

I would start off with a pipe and skid plate then maybe a Works Performance shock and then a Big Bore kit, cam and bigger carburator.

Thats not it there is still lots more you can do CR80 forks and Disc brakes and if you want an even better motor Two Bros sells a cylinder head kit that has bigger valves and ports. Kitaco and Takegawa makes inner rotor ignitions. Then there are graphics from BBR to make it look cool and longer swing arms from BBR. Skies the limit!

Hmmm this sounds familiar :)

Check out my website for more stuff and pics

also goto BBR and see what they have.

Hope this helps you.

Your two boys are two very lucky kids!

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