We live in Central Ohio and are looking to get a jump on the season a little south of here,(Kentucky maybe?) Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Land Between the Lakes/Turkey Bay in western KY

Have you been to Hatfield McCoy in WVa? Several of us are going to try to go next sat. It's about 4 hr south of Columbus.

Ever considered Southern Indiana. We have great riding and not a lot of headache. Lynnville, IN A lot of really big spoil banks, not too many boulders.

Dugger will be Indiana's first ever offroad park. It is slated to open in June. Lawrence County offroad park is a good place too, If you can deal with all the heeljacks on quads. PM me if you need more info. We go riding almost every weekend


I live in The Akron area (Ohio) I am looking for rides/riders/areas. I'm getting back into dirt riding after a few years off. I don't ride very fast anymore, I still get the bug now and then, but I tend to trail ride mostly. Also interested in Dual sport rides in Ohio,Penn,Ky,In,NY,Mi.

Thanks for the info. I had a trip planned for the waterpark area of Hatfield Mckoy in WV this week and now I've got a herniated disk in my back. My riding may be on hold until...Summer-Fall!! Outch. :)

Land Between the Lakes/Turkey Bay in western KY

Gonna go ride there for the first time! Cant wait! Only 2 weeks away! WOO HOO! :):D :D :D :D

You going the weekend of the 12th?

I live in Southern IL., Carbondale and have got back into MX bikes and was looking for places and people to ride with. A buddy of mine talked about a huge place in KY where people go and ride and camp? Or is he just BS'ing me?



He is probably talking about Land between the Lakes. It is a blast.

Our group is from south-central Indiana and we go riding all the time. Are you interested in going with us?

That would be great just let me know, more than likely I'm in.


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