Anyone ever installed an Eibach shock spring?

A couple months ago I purchased stiffer fork and shock springs. I finally got around to putting them in. I had the forks done at a shop, but the shock spring is easy to change. So after work today I put my front end back on and tore into the shock, well, the Eibach spring I purchased is smaller on one end than the other. It even says in the instructions that one end is smaller and is supposed to be that way but it won't fit over the spring seat stopper thing. How in the heck am I supposed to get the spring on? If anyone has experience with this please let me know.



flip it over it only goes on one way

Ya, I know, the big end goes on first but the small end wont go over the spring stopper.

i had the same prob with mine.. a air grinder on one end took care of the problem... had to open one end up just a tad.... its been on for 14 months with no probs...

I think they sent me the wrong spring, the big end wont even fit over the collar on the adjusting nut on the top of the shock LOL. Thanks for the help though.



Factory Connection always gets my spring business...

1) They get the rates right the first time

2) I get the right parts the first time

3) The prices are very competitive

I have found that MX Tech and Race Tech are always WAY off on spring recommendations, at least for a bigger guy like me... Remember folks, valving does NOTHING right if your spring rate is too soft, race sag and free sag are the BEST indicators you should use to get a good baseline spring rate setting. NOT some "magical" valving that will cure all your suspension ills regardless of your weight/skill...get the rate right FIRST, then go into valving...

Hmmm....I just went to the Factory Connection site and they listed part numbers and mine is 892.0058.1 which should be the correct one. Maybe I should use LOOPOUT's trick and do a little grinding on the inside of the coils at the top and the bottom...

More than likely the powder coating is too thick on the spring. Grind it off down to the bare metal and see if that doesn't do the trick. When the powder flows out during the curing process, it sometimes will accumulate near the ends of the spring.

I just put an Eibach on mine yesterday,and it fit like a charm. I think you got the wrong one.

I'm a big fat guy and Factory Connection gets my money too.Good parts at a good price.Made a difference so now I can sort out the clickers.

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