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HELP... Green or Red Sticker?

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I started riding when I was 14, continued until I was 34, did the family boat thing (had 2 daughters neither wanted to ride bikes), now am 42 and have a deposit on a new 03 wr450 - can't wait to get back in the Zone!

The dealer said the wr450 is a red sticker bike. But as I have searched the Trader for used bikes, I see alot of 01 and 02 wr's with Green stickers. Whats up? I would like to get a green sticker if possible. DMV screw up? Can you make a wr450 into a green sticker with aftermarket parts? Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Walt R,

Yes it all can be quite confusing. I studied that crap for weeks prior to purchasing my 2002 WR426F. Whenever you see bikes which should get the Red having the Green it is because one of the following:

a. DMV screwed up

b. Dealer submitted paperwork to DMV stipulating this is a street only bike.

c. Its imported from Canada

d. It has a Virginia Connection.

Did I miss anything?

Oh yes... I have yet to be turned away due to my Red Sticker. I have heard most are just checking to ensure registration is current, checking sound, and if riding in Forest you have a spark arrestor.

The real reason, as I see it, in desiring a Green sticker is if you plan on street legalizing it. You will have a hard time getting it legal if you started out with a red sticky. Much easier if green to begin with.

Currently I know of the following models certified green:

Honda XR family

Kawasaki KLX


And maybe the Kawi KDX ???

2003 Cannondales are rumored to be green too.


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