Sidewinder sprockets and chains

Any one ever use sidewinder before and how are they

I have and they last forever. But, for the money I would go with a DID chain and Ironman sprockets.

I have been using the TI-MOLY from the third week I had my CRF. I picked up my fine ride a year ago November (a new 02). The SideWinders have been awesome--rarely needs adjustment, has not torn up chain guides, and the sprocket shows no wear. Expensive, yes--but highly recommended!

Odd...I ride 3 weekends+ out of the month typically, and when I used Sidewinders, the junk was worn out in 3 months...same for Renthal...Sunstar even outlasts Renthal...

I am trying Ironman's now, with a Regina O-ring.....ordering this week....

I used their aluminum stuff and o-ring chain on my WR. It lasted exaxctly one harescramble. Stronger and more wear wearresistant than others on the market? No way. The staock stuff lasted the whole season for me. I wouldn't buy the aluminum stuff. I wouldn't even run it if they gave it to me. Their stainless stuff might be better. I have been using AFAM ever since and their stuff holds up really well. Now I am using Moose and the stainless has been bullit proof. Good luck!

It is interesting reading the chain and sproket threads. For everyone that loves a specific brand...someone else says that brand sucks.

I wonder how much difference the type of lube makes? I have always felt that a lube with high silicon content will help eat the aluminum sprokets. You cannot lube aluminum with silicon in any other alpplication, so the chain and sproket should be the same.

The did gold chains and renthal sprokets work well, for me. I dont do much mud riding. Most of what I ride in is sand and soft dirt. I used th esidewinder stuff years ago, but would never again pay their high prices. They were in bed with dirt bike magazine years ago.

As far as sprockets I have the iron man rear with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY. If sprocket shows a certain amount of wear in one year it gets replaced for free I believe. Sidewinder have anything like this at all? They should with what you are paying. Just how much is a stainless steel sprocket? The iron man was 90.00

I remember paying 175.00 for the sidewinder stuff...that was in 1985! I can imagine what has happened since then.

Perhaps their stuff is like vcr's??? Yea, sure!

Stuff is expensive, but I have always believed that you get what you pay for most of the time. I purchased a Ti Moly rear sprocket and a tool steel front sprocket. Also got the chain and some lube. The chain lube is great. I use it on my street bike also. Doesn't fling very well and the stuff that does fling cleans up very easily. Once the stuff gets cooked on, it stays very well in the mud.

Sprockets still look brand new. Unfortunately there is no warranty on them. BUT STAY AWAY FROM THE RENTHAL STUFF!!!

I trashed that thing in no time. The front stock sprocket was even cupping. Never done that with a two stroke. And the chain was always adjusted properly.

When you install a name brand aluminum sprocket on a larger displacement 4T, the power of the motor usually chews them up. I wont use an aluminum sprocket anymore, because they just dont last. It looks like Ironman, and SideWinder are probably the two top sprockets to buy. Both offer different grades and variants of metals to choose from. The harder the metal, the heavier it will weigh, and supposedly, the longer it will last. This year, I opted to go with the SideWinder Ti-Molly rear sprocket. It easily weighs as much as a steel sprocket,(something I wasn't overly thrilled about) but I'm more interested in durability. I haven't been able to ride since December, so I cant tell you how durable the SideWinder really is, but a few other TT members have posted that they've had them on their bike's for mutiple seasons now. Just get what you pay for. Sometimes, you're better off to pay more, than trying to save. :):D :D

which sidewinder sprockets did u use? Their billet alloy or the Ti-moly?

I pulled out my invoice today on my Sidewinders sprokets and chain. I purchased my sprockets and chain 10/28/02.

Item# 100-1201-51 TI-MOLY Sidewinder 51 T rear sprocket $129.99

Item # 103-39-13 Sidewinder Honda 13 T tool steel front sprocket $ 39.99

Item # 106-520-116 Sidewinder 520 TI O-Ring chain $129.99

Item # Sidewinder 520 TI O-Ring master link $ 6.99

Item# 112-P52 Sidewinder "P51" Off-Road lube $11.99

Before i blew my knee out 2 weeks ago I rode 3 or 4 times a week everything from track to desert to the dunes. My sprockets show absolutely no wear. I adjusted my chain twice when brand new. I have not touched my chain since.I run 120 back tire. I have used everything from the Sidewinder chain lube to the white Bel ray lube. I currently use the PJ3 black label.

I have called and verified the 14,000 tensile strength of their chains. 630-513-1000 is the number.

I did have a problem with my chain slider getting eat up, but I put a TM Designs on now, it seems to work very well.

Overall I'm very pleased with their stuff. It definately is high quality stuff. It seems funny to me on TT people will bash someone for buying this stuff. I look at it this way, I don't have to mess with my chain and sprockets never again unless I want to change gearing.


The Sidewinder SS is probably the most durable on the market and they certainly have years of experience however they are very expensive. I have one and like it very much. SUNSTAR is the best for the $$ in my book.

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