Sorry to bother everyone my avatar wont work

I treid to copy and past the URL but it doesn't work. What do i do now? :)

What is the URL you are copying?

Verizons web space is case sensitive....

The link you are trying to use is not the link to the image file. It should look something like:

<path to your webspace>\Flame Animated.gif

Do yuo know of other files stored on this web space? Best way is to copy the address to one of those and append the name of the file I sent you onto the end.

Is there away that you can do it for me?

Sorry, this is my fault. I sent you the link and instad of copying the link. I just typed it out and at 1am, wouldn't you know it, I typed a bum link. Here is the correct one. I tested it and it works.

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