Steering stem leaking grease

I purchased my 09 WR450 three weeks ago. I have approx 75 miles on it. There is evidence of a fluid leaking down the back of my front fender. It appears to coming from my steering stem lower bearing. The fluid runs approx 12" down the fender.

When I showed it to the service guy at my dealer, he told me that was normal. I called B$. Grease does not run unless it is heated or diluted.

I am willing to entertain the idea that some gas got past the check valve on the fuel vent line(It is routed into the steering stem) but I refuse to believe that it is normal.

Has anyone else seen this issue and do you know the cause?

Thank you.

Totally typical. Somewhat normal. Not a major issue. Gas from the over flow will do this.

The grease used by all the Japanese companies has always been useless anyway, and should be replaced when you get the bike.

It has always been this way, and I have never gotten a plausible reason other than this one story:

'the EPA inspects the containers that the bikes are shipped in, and if there is evidence of grease or oil, the scrutinize the whole shipment. Because of this we use a minimal amount of bearing grease'

It is a recommended practice to take a brand new bike and tear it down and properly grease the steering stem, swingarm, shock linkage, and wheel bearings.

Hard to believe huh.

Thank you for the quick reply. At this point I am looking at the dealer to resolve this issue since it is still in warranty. If he doesn't, I will bite the bullet and do it myself.

If I have to do that I am considering using Amsoil Racing grease. Any other recommendations?

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