I just had a new excel rim and new spokes laced to

I just had a new excel rim and new spokes laced to the stock hub of my XR4. I just put it on the bike and, to my dismay, noticed that it hops at speed, like the rim is egg-shaped. (Not real bad, but noticable). I put it on a stand with the front wheel off of the ground, spun it, and the rim (not the tire) definitely has about a 1/2 inch up and down oval to it. None side to side, just up and down. Obviously, I'm going to take it back to the place I had it laced.

But before I do- I'm wondering if it could be the axle that is bent. When I dropped it off at the shop, I didn't leave the axle. The bike is well maintained but definitely has many hard miles on it. Has anyone ever heard of a bent front axle causing this problem? Could it be that my old rim was so tweaked that I just didn't notice it?

Your accumulated wisdom would be appreciated.

00XR4 Dual-Sported, neccesary modifications.

02 CR125 bone-chilling stock.

No, this sounds like a rim issue. If the axle were to bend it would just change the point around which the wheel rotates as the axle does not move. Just take the rim back and they should stand behind the work.


I took it back and they admitted it wasn't right. They're going to fix it.

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