What kind of helmet should I buy???

Whats your favorite lid???

Any affordable full face that'll color match the gear and bike I'm riding.

I see you live in Austin. Do you know of any good riding in the hill country where you could camp out for the weekend and have a good selection of trails to pick from.

Any Snell 2000 certified helmet in the 200.00 range.


Had to finally give up the Bell Moto 3, it was pure he$$ getting the rotten foam pieces out of my hair!

Tried on half a dozen different helmets at the local dealer, including a $500 Shoei and found I liked the KBC the best for a nice snug fit with no pinch points. Plus it as $134 on sale.

HJC, CLX3 around $120, comfortable, removable washable liner, DOT and SNELL approved.


Dude get the ARAI :)

MSR Superlight

If you try on an Arai, you won't want anything else. Considering the material you will be putting in this product, you can/can not justify the extra $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Damn, I sound like I could be a sales rep.(not)lol


If it is comfortable, meets Snell 2k, and is priced nowhere near an Arai (although I love their helmets) I will buy it.

If its not Snell rated it is junk. Plain and simple. After that it is just personal preference.

I tried on a lot of helmets including the $500 Shoei and most fit the front of my head like a nutcracker - bought an Arai and when I'm riding I don't even notice that I have it on. You've got to go with whatever fits the shape of your own head! :)

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