Swingarm bearing removal

I seem to get the bush out easily.. but how do i get the rest out without damaging the seals?

do they just push out or what?

You have to pop the seals out - just take a small flathead, put it between the bearing and seal and pry it out a bit - working your way around the seal - it'll come out easily.

Once you have the seals out you need to match up a socket to the outer diameter of the bearing (just a hair smaller than the hole the bearing sits in), as well, you'll need a receiver socket that will allow the bearing to fall inside it and cup the swingarm at the same time, set it up in a vise, put a bit of pressure on it, get your propane torch, apply heat to the swingarm around the bearing, most times you hear a little pop, at which point you can set the torch down and crank the vise to push the socket through until the bearing falls into the bigger socket on the other side.

be careful though, some bikes, the bearings only go in/out from one side (there's a step in the swingarm or linkage hole to stop it from pushing all the way through) so you have to inspect carefully to see which way you push bearing out/in.

To put the new bearings in, set them in the freezer for a few hours and heat the swingarm/linkage some and it will push right in using a vise and properly sized socket.

I used a hydraulic press for removal and installation on my swing arm. Makes things alot easier. I realize a lot of folks may not have one, but it would be worth a trip over to a buddies house if you know someone who does have one.

When I did it, removal of bearings, both swing and linkage was impossible using a vise. I had to get help from a guy with a hydraulic press. Installation was really easy with the vise. Be sure to check the manual which way the bearings should be removed and installed, they do not go either way.

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