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Mr. Know It All recommends Thumpertalk

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Thought you may find this "nice to know"

FYI- Mr. Know It All is from Dirt Bike Magazine and answers questions from newbies.


Newbie question:

Q. I am haveing a hard time getting the jetting firgured out on my 2002 WR250F. I modified the bike by putting on a YZ 250F pipe and the "Power Now" carburator mod as well as removing the air box snorkel. My bike is a Canadian version so it comes with a #170 main Jet and the clip is in the 3rd groove on the Needle Jet. I usually am riding at 2500-4000 ft elevations in low humidity conditions. The air temps vary but the fall season should be in temps around 40-60 degrees. Any help would be greatly appreciated. PS. Are you still the same "Mr Know It All" that I read in Dirt Bike magazines 15-20 years ago?


9/5/02 12:25:16 PM

A. Hi Kent. I hate to say it, but I can't tell you exactly what to do here. The main reason is, you have not included what the problem is with the bike. Does it hesitate in certain throttle positions, seem sluggish some places, what? I will say you have an interesting combo of parts? have you changed to YZ cam timing to aid with the characteristics of the pipe? Ever pulled the plug to see what color it was on the porcelin to help you determine rich or lean? If I were you, I would change to YZ cam timing to make it easier to jet with that pipe and then start with YZ jet specs from your dealer. I would also post your question on a website called thumpertalk.com. Reason being is many of those people may have the same or close to the same setup and have already done your work for you. Their reponses may speed up your delima, but include what the problems seem to be. You can also tell me here and I'll go to work on it. The old KIA is retired now and happily flying planes and playing with grandkids. So hopefully I continually follow in his footsteps.

PROPS to all Thumpertalkers. Quite the reputation you all have.


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Thats excellent! :)

This guy dosent seem as harsh as the old Mr Know it All. I like the sarcasam the other guy had.

He cracked me up.

[ September 09, 2002, 08:40 AM: Message edited by: MOmilkman ]

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Nawww this guy has plenty of sarcasim too. Here is the first Q A from the Sept 02 issue.

Q I have a 1985 Yamaha YZ500. It was running really fast until I cleaned the spark plug and the air filter. Now it wont start. I tried a new spart plug and that didnt work. I would put the dirty air filter back on but its all clean now. Should I have left well enough alone?

A: For the record, you dont own such a bike. No one dose. Whatever bike you have, your problems obviously run much deeper than spart plugs and filters. The motorcycle senses this and is refusing to run as a matter of self preservation. I suspect it will run fine once you replace one crucial part: the owner.

LOL, yeah there were a few bits of info in the same issue that had the WR 450 and WR 250 preview that seemed to referance this site as well, so now I am more than inclined to belive the info was derived from here.

BTW, there is a Q A on a guy riding a DRZ in MX thats pretty funny too if anyone wants me to post it too :) .

Actually, when I read the Mr Know it all articles I thought it was Taffy's day job !!!!! :D:D:D

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