Starting Routine of '03 450 (e-button)?

OK, am I an idiot or does the e-button suck?

Is there a "routine" you should do prior to pushing the button? It feels like the battery doesn't have enough juice to kick it over (first kick though with the kick-starter).

I hold the throttle open about 1/8 turn and push with cold start open.

1. What are you guys doing to make it work?

2. Are there a bunch of bikes having this problem?

3. The bike charges the battery when running - right?

Anyway, lemme know. Bud

I would look in the owners manual on starting for starters.NO pun intended. :) I know it says not to touch throttle while starting.The e-button is not for cold starts.It is to be used once the bike is warmed up.Try twisting the throttle 4-7 times to prime,choke out & kick.Mine starts pretty easy and I still have stock jetting.It doesn't run so great but starts ok.I will rejet after break-in.

My new WR has been starting easily. I turn the gas on and wait for a minute to make sure the carb is full and turn the choke on. I then quickly crank the throttle open 1/4 way twice. Press the little magic button with no thottle. Its been working flawlessly, but the bike is from Canada and jetted differntly than the US WR's. Have not tried it in real cold weather yet...

The E-Button works flawlessly. I love it. Get your jetting right. Search this forum for jetting advice. Mine starts first time every time and I have not even tried the kick starter yet.

mine will not start with the button when cold.but once the bike warms up it starts with the button no problem.the manual says not to start the bike with the button when cold starting,kick start it first than use the button when the bike is warm.

Indy, I assume your Location in Indianapolis this time of year still has a fairly cold climate. Does it really start when cold? I have found it not to work until sufficiently warmed up, Then the trick is to hold comprssion release while starting and just when you feel it getting ready to fire let go and WaLa.

I have started it many times just above freezing 35 to 40 degrees. I do have to open the throtlle full four time prior to pushing the button. The key is jetting. Make sure you do all the jets and needles not just the main and needle position. Get a 72 starter jet. All our bikes are the same except for set up and jetting. You can all get your bikes to work well with the e-start. it took me a few weeks but I am very satisfied with the Yamaha engineering.

I think Indy is right, the carb is very lean stock. Imne starts at 35 degrees but I have to open the throttle 5 or 6 times to prime it. I'm waiting for the bigger starter jet to come in. Plus when the bike loosens up and the weather warms up it will start easier.

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