Ranchero/ El Camino for hauling?

I'm in need of an actual bike hauler now, because my car is going under the knife at the end of the summer for some MUCH needed safety updates.

Since the car will most likely be off the road indefinately (Things have a tendency to spiral out of control once the car's off the ground - for better or worse!), I need a hauler, but something smallish. I had a S10 and hated it, so that whole line of trucks is out.

I drove a car with a trailer for a year, and it just got annoying when I was going by myself.

So I've been thinking about buyin a early to mid 60s Ford Ranchero, or a 80s Chevrolet El Camino.

Anyone ever use these to haul a bike, either in the bed or towin a small trailer? Thanks all!

In about '82 I had '79 elcamino ss---Total piece of shit. My friend's (about) '73 was much better.

In the El Camino....I wouldn't get anything later than a '72

68 to 72 are nice years.

In the Ranchero...I wouldn't get anything later than 1903.

Can you tell i'm not a Ford Guy????

In the El Camino....I wouldn't get anything later than a '72

68 to 72 are nice years.

In the Ranchero...I wouldn't get anything later than 1903.

Can you tell i'm not a Ford Guy????


I agree not getting a later El Camino than a '72 but once you get into the real later ones like the mid 80's I think they are good cars. I would get anything in between those years though.

I could imagine Milk photoshopping RR's face in this car....


:thumbsup::lol: :lol: :lol:

Come on guys....

This is hard to beat




Honestly I love el caminos and I personally think the 1970 el camino is the nicest.

Thanks for the input all.

I wish I could afford a nice 68-72 Elky, but those don't exactly fall in the less than $4k category.

I actually got a 76 Elky with a blown 350 when I was 14 to fix up. Man was that thing fugly(but not as fugly as that green one above!), even compared to my rusty 73 Levi's ed. Gremlin! Slightly rustier too, but it got parted out to buy said Gremlin.

I'm really liking the looks of the 60-64 Rancheros, but they're a little difficult to find (bout the same as my knee-jerk reaction - 'nother Eagle with a hitch)

So I'm thinkin unless a Ranch falls into my lap, I'll end up with an 80s Elky.

I had a 65 Ranchero. It was a fun little car. I hauled my bikes and jet ski's for years ,with it. It had 2 4 barrels and a 4 speed . It was so lite it got pretty good fuel mileage. If my foot was out of it. I sold it to build my first sandrail. I wished I still had it. 64-65 's are my favorite

My buddy just got his 71 el camino back from paint a few weeks ago. He had it painted a charcoal grey that can be found on newer chevys. it looks really clean. He has black rims and all the trim is new. It has a small block 350 in it now, but we just started putting the shortblock together last month for a 454 that he would like to finish in the next 9 months or so.

As for towing or hauling. I think his el camino could certainly have a bike in the bed. The only problem is unlike a truck, there is a lot of the bed behind the rear axle. Also you could look into getting a stiffer spring pack or an add a leaf to beef up the rear suspension. As for towing a trailer, the car would have plenty of power. Slowing down would be the hard part!

Also back when I was looking into el caminos someone recommended me getting a wheel chock because the beds on them flex very easily so you dont want your front wheel rested against the front of the bed while tied down.

AH this brings back memories. Back in the day I had a 64 ranchero with a 347ci stroker and a AOD trans, air condition, powersterring, power brakes and I would pull two SEADOO 3 seater jetskiies no problem. Now for gas mileage with a stroker if ya have to ask you can not afford it. Then one night someone wanted it more than me so they took it while I was asleep. Lo-Jak did not do squat for me.

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