help need for 02 yz426f please

hey guys.well ive finally decided to go back to riding two strokes and have put my bike up for sale.i got a guy that wants to buy it and wants to hear it start.anywayz no problem there.the problem is i havent had oil in the engine for about 3 or 4 weeks because i was gonna put it in the shop.ive been told if i put oil in it and start it up i can do damage to the cylinder walls because the oil would have run of the pistons and cylinder i dont know how much of this is true but i thought gray or anyone that knows could help me out here.because i dont wanna damage anythink.thanks guys.and aslo does the 426 take 1 litre of oil or 1.5 litre's ?

If the oil was drained, but the filter left in place, it's 1.5L.

You should always use a bit of caution not to rev or load an engine too much when cold starting, regardless of whether it was stored without oil, as it can take several seconds for normal lubrication to initialize, but there should be no unusual hazard to yours.

thankz gray

The oil will run off the cylinder wall and piston the same weather there is or isn't oil in the motor. Time is more important, the more time between starts the more dry it's going to be. But the oil isn't stored in the cylinder so that has no effect.

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