Texas Creek ride report

As I said earlier, we headed south to Texas Creek, just west of Canon City.

Getting there: Hwy 50 west through the canyon of the Arkansas River. Upon leaving the canyon you will see a sign for Texas Creek as well as a brown recreation sign with a dirt bike on it :). Turn north off hwy50, cross the river and 2 RR tracks, and the parking is a few hundred yards up.

Riding: Snow barely came into affect for us. We only got snow on the high altitude fire roads.

We found only 3 single track trails. Not really single track in that the trails are 2 tracks from atvs. Not a big deal, but with the soft ground and many rocks mixed in, crossing from the inside line to the outside line can get sketchy, but all good. The trails were quite technical, rocky, steep, and tight. Bummed because they're not very long. Rode each trail both directions.

Another fun part were the sand washes and fast roads. The washes are long enough for WFO and I got a great feel from my Scotts damper kicking in.

Very nice to see few people, well marked trails, and, get this, NO TRASH! I didn't so much as see a beer can. Very nice.

Due to the size and number of trails and the 2.5 hr drive for me, I probably wont' make TC a destination overnight trip. I will however be glad to stop by on my way to or from Salida or somewhere else.

Oh yea, as I have a wife who rides and my first child on the way :D :D :D I keep an eye for ability levels. One of the single tracks is not for the beginner or early intermediate. Too steep, loose, and tight. The other st is OK for an intermediate. The washes and 2 track fire roads, and the goof off area near parking is perfect for kids and those less skilled or more timid.

Hope this helps. Now get out and enjoy this weather!

We made the trip on Sat. Pretty small but a ton-o-fun when there is too much snow at Rampart. Some of those steep technical climbs found my bike, as well as myself, on the ground a little more than I would have like. Good time was had by all.

Thanks for the report guys. I hope to make it down there some time the week of the 24th, depending on how much snow we get out of this current storm.

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