Cheap Bar Riser with pics.

I saw a friend do this and I thought I would try it.It raises the bars approx. 18mm.It cost less than $20.

Do you guys think it will hold up?

Has anyone tried this??


I used the same universal set for almost 2 years before I upgraded to a Scotts.....Never had a problem.

As a matter of fact I'm running them on my YZ now...

Bonzai :)

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Did that 3yrs ago and still going strong.


Same here. Bought a set of stock upper clamps so it would look nice. You need to purchase longer bolts to make this work. Had a couple of low side crashes and have had no problems with the clamps holding up.

Great idea! A better question would be.......can ya raise your fork legs a little higher? :)

The bar position is moved straight up only (no forward or backwards change of position). No more torque is required than for the regular mounting. I have had two low speed ground dragging hits on this setup and suffered no problems with the mounting hardware. Anyway, this is probably not the answer for taller riders. At 5'-8" moving the bars a little bit upward is all that I needed. Plus I am cheap and don't care if people laugh. You ought to see my old car, now there is something to ROTFALOL about :)


The bars are brought closer to the rider due the steering head angle. The taller the spacer in this case the closer to the rider the bars move.



I sit corrected. :)

I suppose that is why I turned my handlebars up more, even though they were higher than before. Thanks for not saying something rude about my lacking of thinking before posting. :D

Trust me I thought about it :) I was able to refrain this time......


Only problem with this set is that the bars come up & BACK. I use Thumper Racing +1.5" bar risers to move the bars up & forward 1.5" in each direction.


Where can I get one? I need one BAD!

Those appear to be flat across the saddle. That would mean relying solely on TIGHT, strong bolts and (aluminum?!!) threads for strength. Awful lot of clamping force on the bars and top clamp I think. All other spacers I have seen, including my own, have a half-moon to seat into the saddle. Just MHO. :)

i did that at first but everyone made fun of me. plus the bars get moved into your lap. i switched to cr double high bars with tag 10mm+ risers. for a total of 125 mm high bars. dam it feels good.



I don't think this link is working, but I made a set of risers out of 7/8" keystock. 33mm forward and 22mm up. They are easy to make if you have access to a drill press.

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