Help with auto decompression

Just purchased a 2003 WR450. Bike had been sitting for three years, installed new battery and the motor started although a little rough. Took the carb apart for cleaning, and when I tried to start the bike again using the E button, it turned over very slowly. Kept trying until I saw smoke coming from the battery cable. Tried to kick start it, but could barley budge it. Removed the cam cover and found the decompression mechanism was stuck in the advance position (rod not protruding from the cam) Moved the mechanism by hand back to the starting position, and it now moves freely. Plenty of oil in the motor. My question is this problem due to the long duration the bike sat idle, or is this a common problem? Also my started won’t spin now. Hooked a wire directly from the battery to the starter, nothing. Did I burn up the starter motor in my fruitial attempt to start the motor?

Any help or opinion is greatly appreciated.

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