Devol and flatland racing rad. guards

do the radiator guards that protect the front make the bike run much hotter ? also , do these guards keep the radiators from bending back like the works connection ones do ? thanx.

I have a set of the Flatland racing ones here if you want to see them. I have a buddy who got the Devols. he sent them back and got the flatland ones like mine. As a side note, I had a set on my 426. I never really rode with them as they went on at thje end of the year. They exchanged them for me! They are nice guys, killer product. Thier customer service is first rate! They also have a nice skid plate. They make all the enduro engineering skidplates for Alan Randt so you know the quality is there. These form a box around the radiator very strong! I have not seen any overheating problems. ---------Mike

The Devols do restrict the flow a little but they are far enough away from the rad that I do not think it will be significant effect. Some of our Arizona members may have the answer. I have yet to run the bike above 70 degree weather.

The devol radiator guards don't make a difference in running temp. They don't restrict air flow that much either. I've run them on all my two stroke motorcross bikes and now on my WR426 with no problems. They don't give the type of side protection as the Works ones do (radiator braces) , but the works ones dont protect rocks and debris for damaging the core from the front either. It's a give and take situation here. And you can't use them both together without heavy modification. IMHO, I'd go with the Devol guards................db :)

I have the Devol rad guards on my WR450. They are the correct ones for this model. I agree they will not have much effect on the cooling and do offer good forward and side protection. What I don't like is the poor fit with the shrouds. I have modified the lower Devol shroud mount to allow the plastic shroud to come back in closer to the stock position. I also trimmed away lots of the plastic details on the inside of the shrouds to get past the wider effect of the guards.


I had to trim my two strokes as well. But I did no modification on my WR426. Go figure...............db :)

I agree with R1Superstar and Storch. I had to modify the mounting of the shroud angle bracket to get the shrouds to mount. I am going to make a Works connection style rear brace bracket and mount it the the guards to increase the side protection capabilites. The Devol bracket is a joke but the radiator protection from the fron is excellent.


Can you post pics of the Flatland rad. guards,Do they offer side protection like the works connection braces?How much?Whats the part #?Where can I get them?

Yo XR. Iv'e run Devol's on my 98WR400, 02WR426 and now on my WR450. The Devols do run hotter on slow tech stuff, but a couple of things negate that: 1.) use some Red Line water wetter - raises the boiling point 7 degrees, and 2.) go to a 1.3 radiator cap - raises the pressure to which expansion gets to the reserve tank. That said, Devols offer superior drop and crash protection. I know. I clipped a radiator off on my WR400 in 98'on Mount Kingston and now wouldn't run without them. Period.

Thanks Tim I was about to put up a link! Mike Shown has been a real pal to me and I have never met him. Nice guy they get high marks for customer service. :):D :D :D ---Mike

i ordered a set of rad. guards from flatland this afternoon. i also ordered a t-shirt. he says i tell you what.. i'll charge you retail for the gaurds , and throw in the shirt for free. hell of a nice guy. :)

Eric, yep, he is a great guy. They have me for life. You will dig the gaurds. ---Mike

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