FMF Q vs. stock WR muffler

I've been riding my WR on the street a lot lately with the Supermoto 17" wheels and it's just too loud with the DSP exhaust I have.

How much difference is there in noise and power when comparing the FMF Q and the stock WR with baffle in place? Is the FMF louder than the stocker? If so, how much? How is the performance difference? I don't really have the money to spend on the FMF right now but I figured I could pick up someone's stock WR system for next to nothing.


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I don't know exactly, but I've "heard" that the Q-pipe adds a little bottom to mid power over the stock WR pipe and is around 96-98 decibles. Stock pipe is 100+ without the baffle/plug. How loud is the DSP system? How does it do compaired to the stock system as far as power? I'm looking to get a new system for my WR and I'm looking for something that adds power throughout the RPM range, especially on the lower/bottom end.

Anyone know what the stock WR pipe is with the baffle in place? And how that compares with the Q? I wouldn't run it without the baffle so I'm not worried about that.

The DSP works great, has smooth all over power, I had an E-series before I got this and the DSP is much better... just loud!

Look on your exhaust, mine has 82 db. stamped on it as far as baffel in place.

And that's a stock WR exhaust USA version? That sounds like it would be really quiet! I think I'll just keep my eye out for a stock system.


I run the US pipe with a Vortip, it produces a sound level I would take anywhere and there seems to be little performanc compromise. A couple weeks ago, we compared it to an FMF-Q and the Q is louder, more of a deep bass note to it. The Q is quite a bit quieter than the uncorked US pipe. My European pipe is 82db and it is -very- quiet.

I've never heard the US pipe with the insert in, because when I got my used one, it didn't come with it. But, if it the corked US pipe really is 82db like the Euro, it should suit your sound level needs.

My WR's were so quiet with the baffle in place I could hear my cellphone ring over the exhaust. Very Quiet.

And very slow. I was so dissapointed with my purchase I could of kicked myself in the ass.

I found this site searching Google for WR426 modifications.

If you want a stock exhaust I'll gladly trade you mine and a little coin. I can send you pics of either or both of my bikes pipes.

There are no dents or scratches on headpipe or muffler of either.

I have a 99 WR with stock exhaust w baffle removed. I put it in for kicks when I first got the bike used, and it was quite, I mean sounded like a John Deer lawn mower quite! Then I took it out for a rip and could barley lug through 4 inches of snow or mud with the throttle wide open. Now that I have dialed the bikes post mod jetting in If I stick the baffle in the bike WILL NOT START!!!! If I start the bike and shove the baffle in it will run at idle but if you crack the throtle it will flood and shut off. I only use the baffle when I am doing late night oil changes in my back yard to be polite to the old folks and sleeping woodland creatures in a 1/2 mile radius :) . I will definatly trade you though, I dont really care how loud it is, I dont think the open US WR pipe is too loud, and the area I ride in is not noise sensitive.

Props to you for caring about how loud your bike is on the road and all, but roll up next to a Harley at a stop light and see if you can here your bike running,,,,, :D

BTW, where do you get rims like that, I would love to put my WR on the road with just a quick swap of wheels :D .

Thanks for all the info guys. I think I'll look for a dirt cheap stock exhaust just to try it out but I'll keep my DSP just to be safe.

WR Jason... I got the wheels from Moto-Master, there should be a link at the top of the page.


I ride a '99 WR400 with the stock exhaust & a Thumper Racing Quiet Core insert. I've been measured at 95 & 96 dB by the USFS. I think this combo is quiet enough for the street. I'm 250-260lbs and there is enough power for large butt.

I've ridden with guys that run the Q and it's slightly louder than my bike. If I trashed my stock system I would get the Q just to drop a few pounds. It's quiet enough not to be a problem IMO.


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