Rear Wheel Bearings.

Just put a new tire on my rear wheel, and since I got it off thought I should grease the bearings. Any one have a good easy way to get them out. I dont have a bearing puller, and don't just want to hammer them out and possible do damage. I don't want to fix it if its not broken. Any help would be much appreciated.

My suggestion to you is to leave them in. You will more than likley do more damage to them just pulling them out of the hub.

I would just try to grease them the best I could while they are still in the hub, then frequently check for play in the rear wheel when it is mounted on the bike.

If you detect play, do not buy stock again. Buy sealed bearings from a local bearing house or Pivot Works makes a nice replacement kit with seals.

just put some good grease in there. Not to much but be generous. grease up the axle nice so it is easy to get out the next time.

Good luck

Thanks for the advice, didn't really think it was the trouble of taking out the bearings, but since I was there couldn't hurt to ask.

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