little help

i broke my case got a new one bare no bearings from yamaha my motor only has 7hrs on it can i use all the part and bearings out of it and how long should it take 2 do my shop told me 18hrs at 160$ a hr a lot of cash what do u guys think

Is that Canadian dollars? Even so thats a whole lot of money per hour for shop time, on top of that 18 hours as a whole lot of shop time to do the task, I don't know what it has in the book for this, but that just absurd, in 18 hours you could tear the bike down to the individual piece and rebuild it. I would try a different shop thats not trying to rape you. That or what exactly did you break? It may be able to be welded for far less money and trouble.

shops around here are expensive, but i pay around 100 per hour. some charge less.

If you take the engine out, any good shop should be able to do that job for 7 hours at what ever the shop rate. add 2 hours to r&r the motor.

the real truth is that a good guy can do the job in 4 hours but things are slow in most shops so clawing as much cash out of the customers as they can is the rule

There should be a flat rate estimating manual that is used to write up estimates. The times quoted in these are based on studies of how long it takes a number of technicians to perform the task in question using hand tools. Mitchell, a major player in the automotive world, then throws out the high and low times and averages the rest. Where a new model comes out, and there is no opportunity to do such a study, many publishers will use the factory's warranty labor time guide (arrived at the same as the retail ones are) and add 30% or so. Ask the shop to tell you on what they are basing their estimated labor times.

18 sounds a bit high. Maybe they think they're going to have to wash it.

she guys can i use the old bearings in the new case thanks

Holy snapping aresholes, 160 bucks an hour, where did you get the quote from? We only charge 115 at my work, and I have to work on giant stinky diesel trucks............. OH ya I have to ask, how in bloody heck did you do that?

kickstart gear broke

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