Any pilots out there?

No not a jetting question. :)

Who among us are private pilots?

Any instrument rated pilots, commercial rated, etc.

I was a pilot when I was a kid

I workled at a horse barn (Great Looking Chiks)

I took the horse poop and Pilot it in the corner.

FlyingGuitars is a pilot I think

Very good E.G.O.

You may sit down now.

Its a slow day what can I say


No problem. :)

instrument SEL. About 900 hours. Had a 66 M20E but sold it 8 years ago. Flew rentals for a while. Haven't flown in 4 years. Miss it but busy riding now.

BTW, any guesses why you don't see the good power to weight ratio 2 strokes flying out there? All piston planes seem to be thumpers.

Good luck,


Private, then instrument, then commercial SEL, then ran out of money. About 290 hours, all in rentals.

I like the 172 Skyhawks.

I too don’t have much time for it anymore though.

SEL and Sea, 800 hrs of Supercub time in Alaska, currently flying a One Design aerobatic monoplane, when I'm not riding.

I unfortunely don't fly but my dad and 2 brothers are helicopter pilots. All fly fixed wing as well rotors. Dad flew mainly Hueys but brothers flew hueys, Chinooks and now Blackhawks.

I'm not a pilot, I'm a flight engineer on Chinook helicopters. Logged around 2800 hours since '87, most of my work happens before and after the flight. I don't fly as much anymore, try to fly on the YZ but am too scared to leave the ground :D:) .

Commercial MEL

Commercial SEL and SES

Instrument Airplane

laid off!

I hold a commercial pilot rating, as well as MEI. Oh, and also currently flying navy S-3's on the USS George Washington. Runways are for sissies! :-)

Private Pilot w/ about 100 hours. Started instrument training but ran outa money. One of these days i want to finish instrument, commercial, then become a part time CFI.


Started off as a USAF C-130 pilot - 4000 hours. After Desert Storm round 1, Switched to Southwest Airlines, now another 6000 hours in the Boeing 737. Captain qual 5 years ago and still got a job!

SEL little over 100 hours not counting the time i flew with my granpa if you counted that over 400 hours... i started when i was 12 soloed at 16 license at 17 right on my b-day's... since then been pursuing Insturment ratings Commercial rating and CFI ratings... im workin on it slowly but surely

I have flown everything from cessna 150's to MODIFIED USAF 172's I dont exactly remember what they called it... all i remember is it was a 172 with the back 2 seats ripped out and a hell of a lot more power than a stock 172.. I also have stick time in VANS RV-6 RV-6A and RV-4 Gotta love those planes... well enjoy folks

Private SEL, Instrument, 5 hrs. shy of Commercial.

Haven't been current for several years, but want to get back into it. Best ride of my life (even better than my WR) was in an Air Force T-37.

Hey ISBB it's called a T-41 Mescalaro (don't know if I spelled it right). If you have eyes you ought to get into the USAF and fly a real jet - easy to do with your experience. Mark

Private Pilot. However heart conditions prevent a medical. Experience in GII's GIV's Single and twin turbine heli's, Extra 300L s stunt planes.


Private pilot with about 70 hours, but it's been over 15 years since I was current. Flew Tomahawks, 152's, 172's, and a Beech Bonanza a few times.

Retired U.S Army Aviator...Rotor Wing: OH-6/OH-58/UH-1H/AH-1S/UH-60A...Fixed Wing..C182/U-21/C-12. Retired in 1997 (No Longer Current) CFI/CFII...

Now Flying NOE on my YZ and WR.....

Bonzai :)

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