High handlebar help

I am 6 ft 1 in and I need a higher handlebar. I see the protaper recommends a Honda High for a tall rider but other bars they sell are higher. Any recommendations? Thanks

I'm 6'4" and ride with Renthal Jimmy Button Bars. They are excellent!

6'4"- Jimmy Button Renthals + 10mm spacers.



try the MOOSE fat bars, CR hi they are even higher than the button bends

High bars + spacers, tall seat foam and lowered footpegs are the way to go for us vertically unchallenged types.

Best money I have spent on ANY bike has been the Thumper Racing +1.5" Bar Risers. At 6'4" taller bars alone is not an answer. You really want to move the bars Up & Forward. My wife is 5'11" and loves the +1" bar risers I put on her bike.

I have a pic of the set up on my WR if you'd like me to email it to you.


My ridding buddies are trying to talk me into the Scotts steering damper when I change the bars.

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