Trick to getting plug out?

Please don't tell me the engine has to come out of the frame.

Never mind.

Bear with me I'm coming off a 2 stroke.

Huh?? On my old YZ400, I had easy access with the tank removed. I didn't change the plug often but when the tank was off that's when I would take a look at it.

I've heard of members being able to get the plug out, without pulling the tank. I pull the seat, take the bolts on the shroud where they bolt into the radiators out and pull the tank. I then use an extension with a wobble end or an extension with a universal to pull the plug. I can change plugs in a couple of minutes.

Bill :)

The only time to take the engine out is to change the oil :D :D. Anyway it is alot different than a two stroke. Yz 450 is easy but the wr :D :D. The bike rocks anyway. Good luck :D:):D

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