Nut backed off.

I opened the access hole, got a wrench on it and tightened with the bike in gear and brake on.

Now it won't start. Just spins and pops a little.

Does it need to go back to dealer?

BTW it's 2 days old and I'm starting not to like it very much already.

Oh no :):D. You might want to take it back. Did they jet the bike before you took it home. I work at a yamaha dealership and I haven't seen one yet be jetted right. If the nut was lose maybe the key is sheard :D :D. Check plug also. :D :D good luck.

I put in a fresh plug. I guess now the timing is off?

When the starter just started spinning I removed the access plug and retightned the nut as tight as I could and now the bike will turn over but as I said it just pops and spins.

Is the timing off now? or what?

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