99 YZ400f Clutch Question

Is there any way to adjust the clutch internally? I put a brand new cable on and I can't get the clutch adjusted right, it engages way too soon. By the way I had the clutch plates replaced not to long ago. One more question: what are the best things to make the bike lighter? As you all know these things are heavy beasts, but there has to be a few things I can do to make it lighter.

Thanks in advance,


There's no internal adjustment. Do you have excessive free travel at the lever? (more than 5mm?)

Look for a second adjuster, either at the engine end, or near the lever end, under a rubber sleeve.

I will have to measure, but the problem is the clutch engages way to soon and when looking at the lever that comes out of the engine, I am barely using any of the clutch (from what I can tell when engaging the clutch). It's almost like the lever on the engine needs to go back farther so when I pull the clutch lever it will pull if forward farther. If that makes any sense.

Check the adjustment at the location where the cable meets the clutch-pushrod lever. Where it bolts to the hanger, try to take most of the cable slack out there before adjusting at the lever.

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