Big and Ugly

Well they're big and ugly but looks like a necessary evil for my riding. After two ugly dents on the bottom side of my frame its time for an aftermarket skid plate. Did a bit of searching on the site and the ones from Utah Sport come recommended. Does anybody have any comments on the Yamaha brand?

I'm pretty happy with my Works Connection skid plate,it covers the frame rails and extends foward to just cover the bottom of the oil strainer.White Brothers also makes a nice one I also considered,it wraps around the frame rails in the front,nice unit as well.You wont dent the frame rails with either one. :)

OH...Thought you posted a picture of me. :)

Two thumps up for the E-line carbon fiber job. Very trick and bounces back. And on top of that Kevin is nice guy to deal with :)

I bought and installed the GYTR skid plate from yamaha and it will not do anything to protect the bottom of your frame. It replaces the plastic piece on the front of the bike and the plate then bolts into the front two holes of the existing bottom glide plate. It doesn't extend beyond that point. I can try to take pictures if you would like.


saboo .. you got the glide plate not the skid plate. the glide plate doesn't offer as much protection as a skid plate . i talked to Allan at Flatlands Racing and he said that they should have a skid plate ready in a week or two. i was gonna get the utah sports one but i am gonna hold out for the flatlands one.

I don't know about the Flatland Racing skid plates as I've never seen one. I have used Moose and White Brothers skid plates in the past and I can say that the Utah Sport Cycle skid plate has, by far, more coverage and a better fit than any of the skid plates I have used in the past. You won't be disappointed. :)

Nod, this is very possible, as I also seem to have gotten the YZ450 frameguards, which do a nice job of covering the bottom airbox screw. That was solved with a dremel, though. *cackle*



This is what I am talking about. I don't see the works connection or any skid plate that doesn't cover the frame rails, and ones that do cover the rails but rest right against them stopping this kind of thing. Hence the Big Ugly statement. Someone described them as shovel looking.

Frame Damage

I just put a Utah Sport on my WR400. I have a Moose on my 250. They are both quality products and offer full wrap around protection. They both have taken some pretty good hits without a problem. The Utah sport was definitely cheaper - I think with Moose you are paying for their marketing.

I would recommend either one.


I thought I was going to see a picture of my mother in law

I got the Yamaha one, it looks just like all the other brands I have seen (scoop shovel). It mounts using the existing mounting holes that the original glide plate was mounted to. It also mounts without having to remove the original guards for the water pump and stator cover, I like the idea of double protection in these areas. It has proven itself to take the damage that the frame used to recieve. Great product but I believe it would be equal to the others.

Thanks all for the input. All said and done I decided on the Utah units. Ordered them today. Cost and stated performance were the deciding factors. Can anybody tell me if I'll have to remove the factory stator and waterpump guards with this unit. It would be nice to keep these on like DesertChris mentioned. I'd love to have seen the Flatland racing ones but couldn't wait. Don't think the Works Connection unit would get the job done, although cheaper. The E-line were expensive and I'm not a real carbon fiber fan. Probably lighter. Moose brand looked identiacal but again cost. Now if my springs arrive this week I'll be all set for the weekend! :)


Unfortunatly you will have to remove both the stator and water pump guards with the Utah Sport Cycle skid plate, but that baby is THICK and it will do the job for you. I had one on my WR 400 and now I have one on my WR450 and I never bent it. The front tire sand blasts it but it doesn't weaken it. You will like the way it fits.


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