Wiseco HC vs. Standard piston

Hello, i'm rebuilding my top end.

I was wondering about the life time expectations?

Will a High compression piston be faster dead ?

in theroy yes, more compression = more strain on the motor and all the moving parts. more work = faster breakdown of parts.

too many factors. i am sure gray can help you out with more specific data.

Normally, I always put standard pistons in the bike.

But now i could try a HC wiseco for the same price as a standard one. Maybe it's to aggressive for mx-use.

Do you guys meausure pistons, are always using stock size on 450's?


As long as you change it within a relatively normal interval (50-150 hours or so) I would say you'd be fine.

How often do you change it out?

This is first time with new bike. 30hours.

I crashed in a race and rode 15minutes without coolant.... Thats why I am changing is so "early".

Did it seize?

How'd the oil look?

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