Shortened Suspension

Jus t rode the bike after having it shortened 1.5" . Great mod and seems to handle quicker through the woods. :)

What was done and how much did it cost?

Hi Jekel,

Did you shorten both ends? Did you lose suspension travel?

I bet it feels great in berms where you can lean way over.

Had both ends shortened. Total cost $140 plus parts. Money well spent :)


Can you give some detail of what exactly was done and what effects you've seen, both pro and con? Also, who did it?

I lowered my 450 about 2 inches by cranking OUT rear preload, and installing .44 kg/mm fork springs. I prefer this increased-sag method as this still allows me the full-suspension travel I want when landing a jump. Its also cheap; 1 set of fork springs & a little of my time.

'Course, now I have to shorten the sidestand.

Catfish ...

Local Race Tech shop did it internally. Pros are lower center of gravity, feels lighter. Cons: it is harsher now, but getting adjusted out. Hope to ride some more soon and finish dialing the clickers back in. Don't really look any shorter, just feel it. :)

You said total cost $140.00, is that the TOTAL cost? or was there other charges and do you what they did?

How did they do it? Did they change the dogbone on the shock and raise the forks in the clamps? I am very interested in this mod. Although I am 6', much of the riding I do is on hills. A shorter bike is much easier to get on after a failed hillclimb.


Internal spacers front and rear. I believe he also shortened the fork springs. He also changed the swingarm bearings and linkage bearings for me, total $340. :)

Internal spacers?? How does that work?

My YZ426 was lowered and revalved by Factory Connection. They wouldn't go anymore than 1". Now that I've ridden it I'm grateful for thier advice. The bike is much better in offroad situations but I certainly notice the lack of travel on some of the bigger drop offs or g-outs. Anyway, with the lowering and the revalve I feel I have gained more speed in the tight stuff and have eliminated most of my arm pump problems. $600 including all parts and shipping :cool:P.S. I'm 5' 7" and the hieght is fine now.

Spacers. Make the rear shock shaft shorter, shorten the tube which slides in one another inside the forks(don't know whatit is called).

I emailed Kouba Link. They are working on a link for the WR450. I think that is the way to go. Easily done and ealisly reversable.


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