Trust Me!! Need WR Exhaust Muffler

Hi Guys,

I put out a post a week ago for my friend who needs a wr muffler for his YZ400F as we are heading to California for 6 days of riding enjoyment. Unfortunately the person who said he would ship one to us could not find it!! So if someone has a muffler they would like to part with and could ship it out so it would reach us by this thurs, we would be eternally greatful! My friend Dwayne will be happy to pay $40.00 plus shipping fees. That would be where the "TRUST" comes in. Please email Dwayne @ if your able to help us out.




Dwayne and Myself are both semi-retired roadracers up here in the Seattle, WA area, so you can "trust us" I think!!!

I am the guy said I would ship him my old wr muffler but coulndn't find it anywhere. If anyone could help him out It would make me feel allot better. He is a good guy don't worry, he will send you the money for the shipping.



I think I have one laying around. If still interested, PM me. Thanks, Paul

Just checked. I definately have one. Its a stock WR muffler.

Thanks Paul!

I have sent You a PM with info.

Have to work Sun. 7-5 so will probably not get your reply till Sun Eve.

Thanks Again,



Don't feel bad, We appreciate your offer and generosity.

We'll probably be at Hollister on the 24th thru the 28th with side trips to ClearCreek and Livermore. Let us know if you can hook up. We can always use a Expert Guide!


Sorry just saw the post. I have a stock WR400 pipe just gathering dust. If you're still interested pm me.

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