Intermittent rough running

Hey TTers,

Last few times out the bikes been having a problem where it runs like crap for a couple minutes. When it does this, it is 8 (maybe even 16) stroking, backfiring, very slow to gain revs...

The first time it happens is always right after I start it cold. It will starts easily as always, but just burp backfire and cough when I give it throttle. If I give it full throttle, it will almost die. To me, these symptoms seem like its not getting fuel. Once I get it limping well enough to ride, if I run it up and down the road a few times, then some at WFO, it cures it and all is good for awhile. Then at some random point in the ride it will happen again.

I'm guessing dirty carb, has anyone else figured this one out??? The only tuning thing I've done recently is a platinum plug and I always keep the air filter clean.

[ September 08, 2002, 07:31 PM: Message edited by: Stefe9999 ]

Sounds like you have a fouled plug. Just guessing here.

Try a fresh CR8E, have you done the blue wire mod? And replace the gas (lawnmowers like reject gas). :)

Good luck.

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