IMS 3.1 gallon tank

Just installed an IMS 3.1 gallon tank on the WR450F. The people at IMS have done their homework again. Fits perfectly. IMS provided two locations for the seat post mounting so the tank works on both the YZ and WR450's. The WR installation also requires YZ shrouds. I did find the provided fuel tubing a little short and think a dual self sealing quick disconnect is mandatory for the cross flow. Anyone tried the motion pro disconnects?


I just received my IMS tank for my YZ450 the other day. I am waiting for some parts to arrive before I install the tank. Any advice on fuel line routing?


Can you get us a picture of that tank? They do not have one on the website. ---Mike


Here is a picture from the brochure: I'll post some pictures when I get it installed next week.


I followed the instructions closely. IMS says to route from the right side tank over the intake manifold. It's a little tight on the WR450 with all the other stuff, but it will make it. I used the long piece of the IMS supplied ¼ id Tygon tubing. I also plan to add a Motion Pro dual sealing quick disconnect in this fuel line near where it mates to the "T"(Or at least an inline valve) Otherwise there is no way to shut the gas off for removing the tank or a stuck float

From the petcock I ran 5/16 id tube (Honda!) to the fuel inlet again following IMS instructions. This matches the diameter of the stock YAMAHA tubing but it's thicker wall. This is a long route under the carb and around the air filter hose and lines up nicely with the carb nipple.

In both cases the supplied tubing was too short to make it. My guess is that the YZ installation may have fewer hoses and crap in the way. Anyone think ¼ inch id tubing is small for the 450? If anyone has a better fuel tube route please comment.

I'll take some pictures tonight and get them on the page shortly.


Thanks for the detailed report Storch. I want to see if somone is going to make a 3.6 gallon version. I just wish Yamaha would have made the WR tank 3 plus gallons.

Yo Indy. I'm waiting for a 3.5+ gallon tank too. 3.1 gallons is at least one half a gallon too short. I spoke with Clarke the other day and their WR450 tank will not be available until summer. Who else is in the running for a tank ? I only know IMS and Clarke. Baja Designs ? If need be I'll spring for the IMS, but the YZ shrouds/graphics aren't cheap.

Not sure what the true volume of the IMS tank is. I put 3.2 gallons in it with 3" from top. Pretty sure could get an other pint in it if I was to start riding pronto. ARCO pumps couldn't lie? Also not sure how much will get out of the tank.

I plan to defuel it and add tank marks starting at 1/2 gallon, then 1,2 and 3 gallons with accurate volumes.

Thanks Blackie. I am glad they put this slim tank on the bike. It will get you to the next gas stop in any enduro. Yes it is not enough for long trail rides etc. But we complained about the volcano tank. They fixed it. Yep, more gas would be nice, but you guys know where I am coming from. ---Mike

I plan to switch back and forth so I would love a 4 gallon fatty for those 100 mile trips where I am not going to be climbing on the tank to get more bite into a turn. My bike seems to get 25mpg.

I just got my tank yesterday also. It looks pretty good, but I think they went overboard on the slimness. Yah slim is good and that is what sells, but they could have made it a tad taller and wider and still been within the limits of comfort. It just may be that I'm tall and have long legs. I kinda like when I can squeeze the tank with my legs when I'm standing and going through the deep sand whoops of Mexico. With this tank, I can't do that. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, I love it. They just could've gotten it up to 3.2 or 3.3 without any body being able to even tell.

How about that ridiculous fuel line spout on the WR450 carb? My 400 spout rotated around, this thing is pressed in or something. It really makes fuel line routing suck, and it brings the gas line up higher than the bottom of the tank. It sure would be nice to pull it out of the carb, twist it around 180 degrees and re-insert it. I don't know if it's possible. I almost started to do it last night then got scared. I sure would hate to screw up my carb.

Is this possible? has any one tried it?

I like the way the tank mounts are molded into the tank insteady of being bolted on like before and on the stocker. Looks cleaner, and the tank bolted up beautifully.

David, You can move that inlet I moved it on my YZ. The easiest way to do it is use Channel Locks, and hold length wise in the Channel locks. The first movement takes alittle push but it will move. When I was in Parker I was scoping out Ty's bike and noticed they moved there inlet, and his mechnic said it will not hurt anything it just takes some force to move it.

Hope this helps. If you can't get it I can help you in Tucson.


I did it last night. I spun the inlet valve around on the carb. It was actually pretty easy and it is still very tight and I'm not worried at all that it might leak. Now it points towards the front of the bike instead of towards the rear. Sure makes a lot more sense for fuel line routing on the new IMS tank.

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