Mounting Handguards on 7/8 Pro Tapers

Did a search on this subject, lots of warnings/info on special mounting kits required for Pro Taper bars, but none are really clear on if the special kit is required for the PT 7/8 bar or just the 1/1/8 oversize bar

I've got a set of Acerbis guards leftover from my DRZ400. I'd like to slap them onto my 2004 WR450F, but before I carve up a perfectly good set of grips, I want to be sure that they will indeed mount up.

I have all the mounting hardware with them that came of a set of 7/8 Answer Alumilite bars. Can I mount the same hardware directly onto my 7/8 Pro Tapers on my WR, or is there some kind of "taper" at the end that will prevent them from mounting up?

Any advice/experience would be appreciated before I start hacking away on the grips and throttle tube. Thanks!:thumbsup:

If everything is 7/8" as far as your existing kit and the bars on your bike you should have no trouble ( except for maybe having to creatively tweak the bar guards slightly) mounting them up. If you have 1 1/8 bars you will need different mounts for the inboard end of the bar guards. WR Dave

Thanks Dave.

I'm certain the handguard hardware is all 7/8. The bars are Protaper SE (Seven Eighths) as well, not the fatbar variant (those are on my son's bike, he gets all the good stuff and I get the leftovers!).

I'm certain the collars will fit on down by the triple tree, however I was just concerned because when I did a search on the subject, there was a couple of mentions that the Pro Taper bars "tapered" at the ends (hence the name I suppose) and I was concerned that the 7/8th bars tapered as well which would prevent me sliding in the tube ends from the handguards.

Guess I'll just start chopping and see where I end up!

Thanks for the response Dave, much appreciated.

That's why it is best to get triple clamp mounts. Works on everything with some fightin :thumbsup:

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