I finally got one.... WR450

I did it!! I went to ride the California City poker run today and afterwards I headed down to Antelope Valley Yamaha and bought my new WR450. They sold me the bike for less than anyone in SoCal that I called. I ordered the 96db muffler insert and the YZ throttle stop already. I guess I'll be doing other mods as I get to them. I am really excited, but coming off of my tame little KDX200, I am a bit intimidated. First ride is tomorrow!


i have 2 things too say. first... congratulations. second.... hold on !!!!! :)

Congrats! I just picked mine up on Wed. have yet to take it out. it has been raining all day

Thats how it always works, rains when you get a new toy.

OK... first ride down (about 40 miles). This bike is SO COOL!!! I rode it today with no mods. Throttle only opens half way and it is really quiet with that plug in the muffler. However, it is such a smooth bike! I love this thing!

I have a KDX 200 (which is a great bike) that I have been riding. The WR just glides effortlessly much faster than the KDX when I am riding the hell out of it. Rocks and ruts just seem to disappear as the WR soaks them up. I didn't get nearly as tired riding it as I do the KDX. I was debating whether or not I needed a new bike. I guess I really did!


Enjoy it Jimbo! I will tomorrow when I get mine back from the dealer. :D At least I can find the damn smiley's here! :D :DI love this place but you can tell Winter is almost gone :D not as many new posts :):D

Hi Jim bo-

I recognize you from the FJROWNERS.COM site. I also have an '03 FJR :) Glad you like the WR! Had a WR400 for a couple of years and had a ball on it. I don't think you'l find the WR intimidating if you are used to an FJR!

One of the best things about the WR is that it's so versatile. Crawling around in first around tight stuff to blasting 90mph...or anything in between. MX, trail, enduro, whatever.

Be sure to completely go over the bike (ie bearings) before you ride it much. Trust me, there is barely any lubrication anywhere it should be!

Thought I'd be bragging about the amazing WR today Jimbo but my dealer is holding mine hostage.Yes thats right,hostage.There like damn terrorists over there.I wish I bought it from this other dealer thats not quit as close but thats neither here nor there.B-4 I picked up the bike I told them about all the woodruff key failures and asked if they would call yamaha.They said no,"not till we see a problem".So I said could you at least retorque the rotor nut.They said no,"just ride it and break it in".I was at this other dealership buying a 160 main jet and in passing mentioned key issue to them.They made phone calls after phone calls untill they had an answer.Thats what I call customer service and I didn't even buy from them.I wish I did they were great.As for my dealer,when I finally got plan of action for key problem I called THEM.They told me to bring it in and they would remove flywheel & lap crank,retorque,locktite and adjust carb with the understanding I would bring it in Sat. and I could pick it up Mon.I call mid afternoon on Mon. hopeing I would get it home and finally ride it for the 1st time since pick-up on 2/3/03.NO DICE :D.The head wrench says they have to get ignition cover gasket,will have to order.I told them that I haven't even riden it yet and I had remove cover myself already to retorque nut and if they were carefull like ME they wouldn't tear it.He said it would be done Fri.but not feeling very convinced they can deliver.I'm sorry about the rant guys but its been a very long winter here in new england and I'm very frustrated.It's tough to finally buy a brand new bike and only look at it for 6 weeks. :):D :D I FEEL ALOT BETTER NOW THATS OFF MY CHEST. :D :D :D :D

that means I might get my bike before you get yours back, so I can prep it and add all my goodies and maybe meet you on the trails when you get your bike back. :)

Well the 1 good thing to hopfully come out of this is the piece of mind I will have that this was at least addressed.Was hoping to avoid my 9 yr. old son having to tow my new WR450 out of the woods with his xr80 without anybody seeing us. :)

Let me know Mark when your bike is in and we'll try and hook up OK.

Do you happen to know anyone selling an xr250.It's for my 16 yr. old nephew?

Engine with all mods, bored to 210cc, 3 angle valve grind, and whatever else XR's Only could do to it. Heavier springs front and rear, and shock revalved. Needs a chain and a tune up. It's been in the basement for awhile. Lots of new plastic and sprockets. Cobra exhaust(needs packing).

XR200 will be too small for him. He is 6'2" tall. I took him up to Bettencourt Honda and he sat on both. The 250 is 2"-2.5" taller,perfect fit for him but not too many of them in the want-ads,but there are alot of 200's. Thanx anyways!

Mark, pm me with your e-mail.

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