07 WR450f deceleration popping

Hi, my new (second hand) Wr450f has an annoying, loud pop noise as i decelerate. It only seems to happen for the first 20-30mins of a ride even after i let it warm up for 5ish. The baffles have been removed from the exhaust. I was wondering if anyone knew how to stop this as it is extremely annoying.


Does the Australian bike have the AIS on it?

Hey thanks for the link and no the australian bikes dont have AIS. After reading from the link i still cant understand why it stopped as it got later in the day?


If it goes away later in the day, or after the bike is real good and hot, than it sounds like you are a little lean on your pilot. It's getting hotter in the day, thus richening the mixture. Try going up a size on your pilot jet and set the fuel screw to 1 1/2 to 2 turns out.

Thanks for the help, ill give that richer pilot jet a go because it sounds logical. I have a feeling a richer one came with the bike anyway. Thanks

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