safety: track or trail?

i been wondering lately, and after reading the post on riding alone (which i end up doing sometimes) i got to thinking.

my dad taught me to ride like 5 years ago. then it was exclusively trails and backyard. i started racing a couple years later, and this year i got him into riding some mx. now it seems

like he likes that a lot more than trails. (don't get me wrong, i love mx, it's just that sometimes it's more fun to just go out and be-bop around in the hills with friends, no pressure of racing than to race mx)

i asked him why he likes mx so much, rather than trailriding so much now, and he said it's a safety factor.

here's what i can reason outa that:

1) flaggers and medical staff on hand

2) more controlled conditions

3) eliminates chances of getting stranded

but in opposition, i came up with why i think it is safer to trailride rather than mx:

1) jumps (crashes=broken appendages/bumps/bruises/etc...) :)

2) if you ride with a buddy, you don't gotta worry bout being left in the woods alone, hurt, with no one knowing any different

3) no pressure. when trailriding you can ridie your own pace, and have a more enjoyable time(therefore riding in more control) cuz you don't gotta worry about being landed on by some nut doing a triple when yo only double or being run over on the track.

just the way i see both sides of it.

what does snyone else think? :D

racer36 :D

My buddy and I were just talking about this on Sunday. I went trail riding for the first time with someone (which is good because I ripped a hole in my clutch cover), but my opinion is that tracks are considerably safer--for me. I don't actually race mx-I just love being on the track and trying to improve. But I force myself not to try the doubles or triples that I'm not positive I can make. (I know in motocross you have to hang it out there more). The track has relatively the same terrain, no rocks, trees, unexpected water, blind corners, etc... On the other hand, if you truly are trying to be competitive and pushing HARD at the track, I guess it can go either way. I've decided to only ride trails with someone - after reading all the posts (and ruining my clutchcover this weekend). If I don't have anyone to ride with, it's off to the track to work on technique and just hang out...

nobody has an opinion on this????? :)

motocross is a dangerous sport no matter where its taking place,at the track you have emts',as well as flaggers,but still lots of people get hurt,out in the woods,harescrambles,enduros,turkey runs have flaggers and trail sweepers,plus people watching from spots cheering you on,when you ride not in competition you always take a chance,but we are all in it for the thrill right?you wouldnt race if you werent having fun right,it doesnt matter if you win its all about thrill factor,some guys go faster than others,some guys get hurt more than others,I love racing mx,but waiting between motos is very boring,I dont have the stamina to run more than two classes,so you wait,riding woods means no stopping unless for a water break,much more relaxed pace for me,my .02

Neither is more dangerous. I know plenty of people who have received the full spectrum of injuries in both. Everything from a hangnail or roadrash to broken bones/cactus splines/phlebitis (blood clot) to winding up paraplegic. Bottom line is don't ride beyond your vision or over your head and you will LIKELY end up staying pretty much in one piece. Emphasis on LIKELY.


Oh yeah. Check out this thread, too.;f=3;t=009429

I always used to think the bush was safer until I started riding motocross tracks.

Some valid reasons have been given before, and I have some more -

MX track riding is in one direction (no head ons)

You don't need to contend with other non-bike vehicles such as 4WD's, mtb's, quads etc

No chance of wildlife strikes (wombats, kangaroos/wallabys, emus here in Oz) or horse collisions

No unseen rocks, ledges, ruts, trees etc.

You can get lost, breakdown or run out of fuel in the bush and require assistance

You are more affected by the elements such as excessive heat, cold or rain (and floods) when trail riding.

However I still enjoy the experience of riding with a few mates in the bush the most. We just take precautions such as "cornerman and tail end charlie systems"; take spares, food and fluids, a first aid kit, a mobile and an EPIRB.

The other alternative is to ride in an organised event such as a DSMRA ride.


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