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This is a great thread becuase we all need to realise the threat of our land being taken away from us and oour kids, the only way to stop this from happening is by being politically active. Yes I would rather just work on my bikes ,ride my bikes and talk about my bikes , but unfortunately there are people out there who have nothing better to do than to try to take away our land by using litigation . At this point in time I think our(off road junkies) most powerfull group is the Blue ribbon coalition please check them out and support them and any other groups in your area that fight legislation that limits our use of our land . Dont wait until it is too late .

This is just another example of the Peoples Republic of California running amuck with stupid legislation/regulation that has no basis in rational thought. Of course, I don't have $1.5 million to pay for litigation. But I would think that the AMA or another organization could easily set up a legal fund that we could contribute to. I'd certainly be willing to chip in my fair share.


APhantomduck, a well written post!

As far as litigation goes, my first thought, of course, was the AMA.

While I don't mean to offend anyone, it seems they are STILL concerned with the rights of

overweight street riders to ride without a helmet and not be banned from public parks.

At least, that's my impression.

They should have been fighting this off road emissions scam 20 years ago.

well, first let me say I may have had my flame meter set a bit high for this forum.. so sorry if I got too uppitty on ya... in fact, I believe we have spoken to each other before on this issue.. anyway...

While Yamaha may be doing no favors to themselves, us or anyone, I was just saying that if a bunch of corrupt trolls tryed to wag my dog like that, I might tell them to go pound sand as well... as I hear, the grease required to get a bike passed is 10 million bucks, and you wind up with [@#$%&*!] like the DR and kill wires mounted to your kickstands... retarded.

Plus.. they know we'll rip that crap off the first night and ride with or without some communist sticker, when ever and nearly where ever we can, especially out here in Cali, where there is no end to the horizon.

If anything, Yamaha knows this problem may bring it's own solution, due in part to all us being pissed and that the whores in our gov't want to fix the problem, after all, those are vehicle fees needed to line their pockets... so a couple of years of BS is not necessarily a fight Yamaha needs or wants.

Further, if you know your constitutional laws a bit, you know that interstate commerce is fairly protected, in that one state cannot really tariff or legislate legality in another... in little words, go plate the bike in arizona or alaska or montana, where ever the nazi's don't rule, them import the sunnavabitch right if front of the DMV, and make the plating issues their problem, not your's. See, if they refuse to issue CA plates, you keep your old ones. If they forceably sieze them from you, you have a case even jesse jackson would show up at.

This is inherant to our country's system, as we are a representitive republic of states, and not just a simple democracy as the libs of the world really desire.

I know going outta state is a pain in the ass, but its an option your state cannot de-legalize.

Good luck man.

I'm with you 100% on the big-foot government B.S. Gary! My fear is that once they have successfully bullied the insignificant (environmentally) off-road bikes once or twice or ten times, they will continue to do so precisely because it is so easy and no one is willing and able to fight them effectively.

I want to see the manufacturers, who do have the legal and financial clout, to just once draw a line in the sand and fight back. Maybe the greenie-weenies will look for a different target after getting their butts kicked well and good just once. They are, after all, just the playground bully who has never had anyone stand up to him despite being a coward at heart.

As a long-time NRA member, I know this works and I know the consequences of submission and appeasement. Just because we are the "live and let live" types; don't expect the enemy to respect or reciprocate that! To them, it is a targeted sign of weakness.

As far as going out-of-state for a title and plate, it doesn't work here. While the resident of any other state is free to roam all of Iowa's roads on their D.S., Iowa requires it's own residents to obtain Iowa Titles and plates to do the same. And they will not honor an out-of-state Title tranfer for a bike on their sh*t-list. They do not even honor their OWN Titles and Registrations!!! :D

So the key is to avoid their list entirely and legally. They are flagrantly violating the law and hoping to continue to keep me out of the courtroom where I will expose them.

There ARE ways around this, I think. I am willing to find out, but I will need the help of a bro in a friendly state to do it... :D Ideally, someone in one of the truly free states where you can simply walk in and get a Title and plate without having to have the bike present for an inspection...? What state and TT member fits the bill the best? My new frame has arrived and I am ready! :) (we need a kiss-my-donkey graemlin!)

They won't honor out of state transfers???


I'd say you got 'em, now if they want to victimize someone, they have to get mad at the state that plated your vehicle, or try to take away your right to go out of state to spend your money as you see fit... see what I mean. I know it's not the prefered method, but now the law both forces you to get a plate AND forces you to not be plated, all by the same agency... seems to me they are absolutely screwed, and it's of their own doing. Even if the cops want to ticket you, at least you have a file of attempts to work with DMV to show the judge... I'm sure they don't care, but there's always a chance and once you get in court, anything is possible right... OJ got off, so should you...

Now if you can get them to take themselves to court over this, you got it made!!! :)

And sorry to say it's to late to keep the gubmint from screwin us.. the eco-nazi's have the liberals on their side already, and they are sadly winning that battle. We the dirtbike ppl of the world are a small group, semi organized at best, and not well supported or well received politically. As far as an object of love to the Yamaha's and Honda's of the world... well, we're a very small blip on that radar screen too... if change is to take place, well, this seems to be the widowmaker of issues... there is a way up, just hard to find, harder to do, and seems impossible until done.

Personally, now that I have family in both Alaska and Montana, I figure I can get my way if I just try hard enough... they'll plate most anything in AK...

Anyway, it's the best free defense I can come up with whose roots really go back to that famous tea party... viva la revolution!!!

I do feel sorry for you guys there....... Yamaha have employed a local company here in oz to make them street legal. They chuck some lights and indicators and stuff on and hey presto street registered. We just running outta places to ride even street legal bikes........


I keep hearing the same thing (in various forms) as what you posted here:

"As to the red/green sticker thing, I can report that last week there was a meeting in Folsom California with CARB, DMV, the OHV Division, BLM and Forest Service folks. Part of the meeting was about the enforcement of the new sound standard in California and the other part was about the emission issue."

My initial reaction is, where was our representation?? Who was there representing the end users... the dirtbikers?? Anyone?? Next, isn't the product of this meeting a matter of public record? If so, how do we get access to the minutes? This whole topic really pisses me off because NO ONE knows anything about the topic for sure. Everyone has "heard" something, but I haven't met anyone with documented proof (even BLM law enforcement) of any of the green sticker rules. It seems like the order of the day is to just keep all of the CA residents guessing.

Now, for my next bitch, you stated:

"From what I’ve been told from those who were present, model year 2002 and earlier will now receive a “green sticker” when their renewal is up. Model year 2003 and later will only get a “red sticker” if the vehicle does not comply with the emission standard. This is allegedly to occur at the end of July of this year."

I have heard this several times from different sources. Once again, here we are getting screwed. No grace period. No notification to the public. I have two 2003 bikes. If I would have known that all 2002 and older bikes were getting a green sticker, it certainly would have been considered in my purchases. Also, if this is true, then it appears that CARB is trying to get its stuff together so it can start enforcing much more strictly the red sticker rules. That's just great. Thank you California, I appreciate the screwing I am about to get.


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