What Tool for On Trail Spark Plug Removal

I have been riding over a year before I realised the tools I had for changing my spark plug far from home are useless because I cant access the plug. What do y'all carry for far from home plug changes ?

The stock spark plug tool.

I use a small hip pack that contains 8,10,12 mm

1/4" drive sockets, 3 plugs, various jetting, folding allen wrenches, stock plug tool and a small 14mm for the top of the plug tool, leatherman, bailing wire, clutch lever and a 13/16 for those poor 2 smokers I always see fouled on the side of the trail. :)

I use

the stock sparkplug tool.

A 12mm wrench for the sparkplug tool.

A 1/4" drive ratchet, extension, and socket for the shrouds and tank bolts.

2 plugs in acerbis plug proctectors.

I stuff all that into a small triangular bicycle underseat bag that I got at target. I then stuff it begind the numberplate and use the strap on the bag to attach it to the steering stem.

Works great. And its not on your body.

what all is the stock spark plug tool? I got my bike second hand and it cam without tools. Anyone have a part # for me ?

Why worry. If your bike is jetted properly you will never need to change your plug when you are riding. BTW I ran my original plug for 2 years. Never had any loss of power and no gain in performance when I did change the plug. I have all of the Mods and bike runs sweet. I have had more problems with losing bolts and levers(to breakage) than any mechanical problems.

Just ride!! Don't worry

I havent fowled a plug in a long time also. Stock jetting. Go figure. But for those of us who ride in the winter snow, you will quickly discover, that yz 4 strokes dont like the cold. Mine is really hard to get fired when its 10 degrees outside. A fowled plug is often the result.

Missile, I got my bike second hand as well. I just went to my local dealer and told him I needed the spark plug tool(you need this on or off of the trail). Your local mechanic will know exactly what you need.

I keep all the tools on the bike except a 3/8 rachet that I keep in my camel back. I have a 2 1/2 inch (I think, fits perfectly)wobbler rachet extension I keep in one side of the swing arm recess hole, I keep the socket in the other side. Inside the spark plug socket is the 10 and 12 mm sockets and there is also a spare masterlink in there. My extra spark plug is safe and sound inside the tail light lense, it fits in there snug and dry and the tail light still works. I keep a multi tool in my camel back to remove the two screws for the tail light lense.

BTW, I have never had to change a plug on the trail even after doing the WR submarine drill :D . I have had to replace my master link clip once though :) . I have also never lost any of the tools I keep in the swing arm holes or the plastic hole covers, so its a decent place to keep your James Bond stuff :D .

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