Binghamton, NY Pro Outdoor MX Race- August 24

This year, unless something changes in my work schedule, I WILL be attending the Broome Tioga (Binghamton) outdoor Pro MX race. The Southwick (lame anyway) and Unadilla races are on work days for me.

Anyone looking at making it to this race?

Maybe we could setup a ThumperTalk tent in the pro pits...and all the pro mx'ers will want OUR autographs...??? :D

We will have to get some scantilly clad "Male attraction" person to hang out w/ us to help us draw in the thousands of mx fans! :)

see it here:

i'll probably be there kevin,

definitely at unadilla

Count me in, I wanted to go last year but, bought Nathaniel an RM80. I'll be ready this year.


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