03 WR Starter problems

I finally got my bike back together and I'm having some problems with the starter. My bike was a 04 yz450 but I blew the tranny out last season so I found a 03wr450 and bought the complete engine(minus top end), frame, sub-fame and all electrical. I swapped out the head and all the suspension from the yz and the bike fired right up on the 2nd kick. Now I want to use starter so I ordered a battery and when I touch the cables to the battery terminals the stater will engage without pushing the starter button? I let the bike turn over for about 10 seconds to see if it would start but it all of the sudden it stop turning over and now I can't get stater to engage again? It's not the battery and it's making some clicking noise up by the head light? Any Ideas???? I am also missing the clutch safety plug that goes in the wiring harness behind the head light, will that cause my starter button not to work?

Thanks for the help.

You could try removing the idle gear cover and gears . Then hook it up and see if it spins . The clicking you hear is the starter relay ,so the problem is the starter motor itself.

Is it a proper WR start button or is it a kill switch? Kill switches sometimes disconnects the circuit when pushing the button while start buttons connect the circuit.

The stock start switch and kill switch for the WR are the same; same connector, same operation, different color.

It sounds like there is a short in the switch or somewhere in the wiring. Try disconnecting the switch connector behind the headlight and then connect the battery to see if the problem is in the switch or the wiring. Also, WR starters are pretty weak. It's possible you burned the commutator, the starter is just at a dead spot or the engine is just past the decomp pin on the cam and the starter can't spin it.

The clutch safety switch will prevent the starter from working when the bike is in gear unless the clutch is pulled. Since your clutch lever doesn't have the switch, it will never start in gear unless you short the terminals together, but then it can start in gear without the lever pulled, possibly launching you somewhere undesirable.

Thanks for all the info. I do not have the clutch safety switch plug that goes into the connector behind the headlight, if that is missing or unpluged, will it cause the starter button not to work?


Yes, but only when it's in gear.

Here's how it works. The neutral safety switch prevents the starter from working when the bike is in gear. The clutch switch can override the neutral switch, allowing you to start in gear only if you pull the clutch. If the neutral switch AND the clutch switch are missing, the starter wont work at all.

Do you have a meter and a wiring diagram?

I beleive I have the neutral safty switch hooked up. It's the clutch switch that is missing. How can I bypass it to make it think that I have the clutch pulled in?


you would have to short the two wires in that connector together, but it bypasses the neutral switch if you do.

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