new wr 400! any ideas for looks?


what do you think i should add to it?

i already have a new front number plate coming, trying to get it to look yz'd out

and i was thinking of changing the blue rear fender to white, like the new bikes. i think it looks pretty sweet

Do you have aftermarket radiators??? I like it too but i have a 400 too so im biased mines a YZ though.

its a wr so no problem with radiator overflows but im trying to convert it for the most part, i was thinking a bout the exhaust cam retardation, but i think ill keep the heavier flywheel just for when i do some trail riding

No i was saying that cause they look different then mine possibly larger? And they arent painted? mine are black

not sure, think they are

got it like this from the guy i bought it from :thumbsup:

Hi mate

Here's my '00 wr400.New089.jpg

how's this?



i like both bike but i dot like matt4x4's number :thumbsup:

i like the white plastics on marky's a lot

Marky, what year/model tank and plastics are those?

Nice, 2.5 year old thread resurrection!

I like the plain blue no decal look on an older bike, btw.

That's a DMC exhaust on the original post, I thought I was the only one with one - ha ha.

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