How to Set up Bike for taller rider, I am 6'7"

I just bought a new yz450 08. Anyway I am 6'7" and need to set her up. I just ordered a taller seat but beyond that i am not sure what to do. I have heard of lower foot pegs but i am leaning away from that. Also considering adjustable triple clamps but I need some advise. I had taller bars on my 05 yz but I feel like it took away a ton of control. any other taller riders out there found your way???? thanks

ton of info here if you search. I am 6'5" and have been going through the same on my 06' YZ450.

Do ALL of the above:

Lowered pegs (me, fastway F3)

Tall seat (me, SDG)

Bar risers (first Tusk, now Rox)

All made small differences but combined made a HUGE difference. Just buy it all at once and get it over with, trust me.

I'm 6.5 too and i have the same bike,what i use is:

Guts racing tall seat - the best seat in my opinion, i prefer the hard one because medium felt too much soft.

Renthal RC high bars - i tried a lot of bends but this one suit me best. I don't use risers because it gets way too tall then.

Footpegs stock YZ450 08 - Here is the issue, i wear 13 size boots and i always used Fastway footpegs in Low -boy position but they are low enough to make your life difficult in ruts and the biggest disadvantage is grip...when it gets wet or muddy the boot slips no matter what you do, so i keep them stock plus the YZ450 08 pegs are wide enough.

Hammerhead longer shift lever - the best buy i have ever made.

thanks so much for all your guys help

6'6" - Tall seat, Windham bar bend, with Factory Yamaha bar clamps- moves bars slightly higher and slightly more forward. Stay away from the huge after market bar clamps. Way too high. The stock pegs are great, nice and wide. Fastways are way too much maintenance IMO. I had to replace the screw that braces against the frame several times, the pins wear, and I think they're a little too low, especially in ruts and stuff. I've even had the footpeg pivot pin bend. Just cause you're tall doesn't mean you have to go over board!

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